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AiMesh Overview: Is AiMesh Worth It?


AiMesh is an example of a mesh network system that works uniquely and pleads the question: Is AiMesh worth it?

The general use of mesh network systems has dramatically increased over time due to their efficiency. Many would agree that a good WiFi system helps in maintaining a smooth internet connection for your smart home devices; video streaming/conferencing, gaming, or research works is essential.  


So far, a mesh WiFi system has proven to be a very reliable wireless system for homes and offices. AiMesh is an example of a mesh network system that works uniquely and that pleads the question: Is AiMesh worth it?  


What is AiMesh?




AiMesh is an innovative technology designed to create a mesh WiFi network of compatible routers in your home, designed to combine the features of traditional high-end routers and mesh WiFi systems. They are reliable, fast, and provide worry-free WiFi use. AiMesh consists of different supporting routers that provide you with uninterrupted connections anywhere. You don’t need to switch to another network even if a node is down. Investing your time and money in AiMesh is worth it because: 

  • It has the potential to combine a wide range of supporting routers, unlike other mesh networks 
  • It auto-selects the best signal from the routers in its range. 
  • It is easy to use and manage. 
  • You can upgrade your existing router with ease. 

What is the Difference between AiMesh and Repeater? 




Even though these technologies, AiMesh and Repeaters, aim to expand network coverage and strengthen signals within a given network area, there are features to point out the differences between them. These features include: 


1. Nature of Operation: Repeaters only function to re-transmit already received signals. They do not generate wireless signals on their own. On the other hand, AiMesh can generate signals and transmits them. 


2. Reliance and Stability: They both have different strengths. Repeaters are a step behind because they cannot increase network strength, i.e., if the access point fails to generate a decent signal, there is no signal to re-transmit. On the contrary, AiMesh is a modified mesh system with routers with a stable network. There is no possibility of an individual device failure disrupting the whole network. 


3. Flexibility: You can place AiMesh wherever you want them (a whole-home system), unlike Repeaters which only sits between your router and WiFi dead zones. 


4. Scope of Operation: Repeaters are mainly suited for extending the range of small wireless networks, while AiMesh is for high-performance networking. 


5. Complexity: AiMesh may require the aid of trained professionals and specialized tools to keep the network running. On the other hand, Repeaters allow you to keep your network simple even as the network areas grow.  


Are Google WiFi and ZenWiFi Compatible with AiMesh? 


Google WiFi can only create a mesh network with Google Nest WiFi, Google WiFi, and OnHub routers. AiMesh router is non-compatible with Google WiFi (that is, no mesh forms because they have varying features). Connecting their routers can negatively affect your network speed. 


ZenWiFi Compatible with AiMeshis aimesh worth it


ZenWiFi (AX XT8) router can work with all other AiMesh-enabled routers. It takes the productivity of your whole-home network to the next level and boosts AiMesh’s capacity to receive and transmit signals to a large number of devices at the same time.  


Is AiMesh Better Than Mesh? 


Yes, AiMesh is better than Mesh in many ways. The WiFi mesh system has undergone many changes and improvements, and here are some ways AiMesh is better in comparison with Mesh. 

  • AiMesh combines two or more hardware pieces into a single mesh network to extend coverage 
  • It enables you to scale up your network as the need arises 
  • You can pick a mesh system that fits your pocket and needs 
  • AiMesh can be managed via a PC or a mobile app 
  • It gives you a wide range of flexibility 
  • It comes in various models to match personal preferences 
  • It gives a clearer WiFi signal throughout your home 
  • It is cost-effective 
  • Your network can cope in remote corners of your home or office.  


When your WiFi starts acting up (slow speeds, dead spots, or no/dropped connection), it is time to enhance your network. Why not improve your connection with AiMesh? 


AiMesh WiFi 6 




AiMesh WiFi 6 (AX6100 WiFi 6) provides the efficiency, coverage, performance, and speed needed by users today. It emphasizes high mesh network quality in locations with hundreds and thousands of connected devices, such as public events, airports, or multi-story homes/ companies. WiFi 6 ensures that each connected device performs optimally. It is also compatible with all generations of WiFi. Key benefits of AiMesh WiFi 6 include: 

  • Increased capacity 
  • Wired inter-router connections 
  • High standard of security 
  • Lower battery consumption 
  • Supports flexible SSID setting 
  • Less interference 
  • Gigabit speeds 
  • Low latency 


6 GHz frequency WiFi allows WiFi to continue delivering positive experiences worldwide. Some countries provide WiFi 6 for unlicensed use. 


AiMesh vs. Access Point


The difference between an access point and a mesh system can be confusing. Both use the internet connection from your router or modem and transmit it to various devices in your home, but under the same network name. Their difference lies in how they communicate with your devices and router.  

AiMesh uses many antennas to transmit connections back and forth between your router, devices, and other nodes. Allows higher speed and vast coverage network even if you add several nodes later. Access Point, however, can have multiple bands for signal transmission, but the process is not always as clean as AiMesh. The network can get finicky if access points expand. 

It is worth choosing an AiMesh system to get a clean and uninterrupted network. Setting up your WiFi network is easy with AiMesh, while Access Point may require tweaking here and there and can waste your time. 




Conclusion: Is AiMesh worth it?

Is AiMesh worth it? Do the features highlighted above make it beneficial in the long run? Yes, it is! To enjoy all the internet has to offer, the WiFi in your home (or anywhere you need WiFi) should be fast and seamless. AiMesh presents that option for you. It also protects your devices, eliminates the need to switch between networks when you move around constantly, makes parental control possible, and is designed to your taste. From this viewpoint, AiMesh is absolutely worth it. 

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