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TV wall mounting Service in Sydney

TV wall mounting can be a tricky task to accomplish. You will require the right tools, the right experience and the right knowledge on how to make it all look good without having extra holes in the wall and having cable dangling out.

But don’t worry our TV Wall Mounting Services will help you! 

We can mount the TV, whether it is, in your home or in your office, no matter what decor you have, we are here to help you pick the best and most aesthetically appealing look TV mounting system. We will make sure all the cables are concealed and suitably fitted. If you decide to change the location of the TV, no worries as we can also arrange for an additional TV/data point in the wall. The TV will look attractive as we use top end Australian made equipment to ensure we give.

you long lasting solutions that look modern, durable and safe.

Purpose of  our TV wall mounting services:

From safety to aesthetical appeal and better TV watching experience, a wall-mounted TV is recommended for several reasons.


A TV sitting on top of a table is exposed to the risks of bumps, pushes and tip-offs. Gladly, wall mounting avoids such risks.

 Space saver:

No need to cover your spaces with TV units, let a TV wall mounter provide you with more space.

 Better experience:

You can use the adjustable TV bracket and watch the TV as you please. It can be tilted or adjusted in a way that it makes your TV watching experience better.  Get a theatre like TV watching experience with EMG Antenna. We have been providing TV wall mounting services in the region for several years and hold a commendable track record. We understand your need for a wall-mounted TV and ensure that you get ultimate space, great functionality and added safety. We also offer you consultation services, which includes help in finding the best location for installing the TV as well as the antenna. With hands-on experience in handling all types of TV wall mounting services, we offer you a complete solution for your wall mounting requirements. Prevent damaging your walls and let the experts at EMG Antenna handle your TV wall mounting installation needs and hiding cables solution.


Professional TV Wall Mounting, Installation & Setup

Did you just bought an expensive TV and need professional help for installation? TV wall mounting Sydney is the best way to set up your expensive purchase. A wall-mounted TV looks aesthetically appealing as well as is easier to access. With an expert TV wall mounting Sydney company working with you, you can ensure that your TV is safely mounted and fully functional. At EMG Antenna, we are professional TV wall mounting, installation & setup service providers. Known for our expertise, and skills, we are the most reliable company to trust for your expensive TV installation needs.

Watching TV with your family is a different experience altogether when the TV is mounted on the wall, offering each one of you the best view and fun. It is also an aesthetic element to add to your living room and make it more spacious because you won’t need a table of TV unit to set the TV. The bulky entertainment units take up a lot of space in your home, making your living rooms cramped and awkward. The best option, choose a TV wall mounting Sydney setup and forget the rest.

The team of experts at EMG Antennae, have mounted hundreds of TV sets of all sizes. We are skilled, trained and equipped to handle all types of TV sets including LED, OLED, and QLED. We also maintain the best collection of TV wall mount brackets, including swivel TV wall mount, full-motion TV wall mount, corner TV mount, and VESA wall mount.

You can connect with us and discuss your options. We will be quick to set up a service order and reach fully equipped and prepared to offer you professional TV Wall Mounting, Installation & Setup assistance.

Reach out to us now and enhance your TV watching experience!

Why Should You Mount Your TV?

Technology has revolutionized the television market and with time, there are advanced and more appealing TV sets available. These modern TV sets aren’t made to sit on top of a heavy entertainment unit or an old TV table. Instead, they look the best with TV wall mounting Sydney.

TV wall mounting Sydney make your TV watching experience more classy, comfortable and stylish. Whether you enjoy watching the TV alone or with your friends or family, a wall-mounted TV offers you the best experience all the time.

You don’t only enjoy the TV view, but also get rid of the messy cable network that usually is a part of entertainment units. TV wall mounting Sydney, when done by experts is a much-sorted job that offers you a clean and no mess look.

With professional TV wall mounting experts working on the entire job, you can rest assured that there will be no shortcoming in the job and the results will be long lasting.

You can say goodbye to messy cords and wires on the back of the TV that is usually a part of the TV set up. With quality brackets and wall mounting tools in use, we ensure that the entire area looks clean and mess-free.

Our experts have worked with a wide range of property owners and mounted a variety of TVs. We understand your needs and have a clear understanding of the best TV watching view. The safe and secure TV wall mount rackets keep everything in place and offer you an organized and smooth TV watching experience.

If you have purchased a SMART TV and are looking forward to TV wall mounting in Sydney, we are here to help you out with the best service.

Tv Mounting Experts

At EMG Antenna, we are expert technicians with extensive experience in wall mounting TVs. We are well experienced with the wall mounting of plasma, LED, OLED and LCD TVs with great finesse. We ensure optimum viewing angle and a clear and comfortable watching experience. Our team arrives fully equipped at your site and ensure the work is done as early as possible.

We bring the brackets

If you do not have brackets with you, do not worry about it. We provide you with high-quality brackets that are meant to hold your TV in place for a long time. We usually use a high-quality slimline wall mount bracket for your TV to ensure safe ad smooth installation.

One-stop shop

At EMG Antennae, you can find a one-stop solution for all your TV mounting, installation and set-up needs. We have a multiscale task force with a knack for delivering the best results. You just need to worry about buying the best TV set and leave the rest on our experts.


Experienced team

We are a team of experts working dedicatedly on your needs. We are a creative, well-learned and experienced team that understands the nitty-gritty of wall mounting TV Sydney. We offer you the best solutions that cater to the needs of your home or business.


Affordable services

You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to pay for TV wall mounting Sydney service. We are the most affordable company in the region to trust for the installation & TV wall mounting of your expensive TV sets. We are here to understand your budget and offer you suitable services.


If you want a clean, mess-free and quick transformation of your living room, you must connect with us at EMG Antennae. We are readily available to take your orders and offer you flawless services at a decent price.

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