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Mobile Reception And Internet 4/5g Antennas

EMG Antennas offers cutting edge Cel-Fi repeaters that are customised and crafted to boost and amplify your premises. We will guide and advise you on the latest technology available to ensure a high quality mobile reception for your establishment. Our expert technicians will inspect the premises and identify

the reason for your missed calls, poor mobile internet download speed or interrupted phone calls due to drops in reception.

The onsite consultation will be the first step for providing better phone reception, with the technician equipped to advise on current trends for your postcode, accompanied with expert recommendations to ensure the right system is installed for you.

Mobile signal boosters can be fitted for both 3G or 4G/5G networks, with options available for enhanced mobile phone call reception or data downloads.

Our experienced technicians guarantee a safe and seamless process throughout. The extensive training for all our staff ensures they are equipped to satisfy the demands of your needs. In addition to this, EMG Antennas provides friendly and helpful support to assist in a smooth transition for your new system. Options are also available for one of us to attend strata meetings, along with detailed reports and scheduling.

The fully licensed, fully trained technicians are able to perform signal booster installations for commercial and domestic systems.

All throughout Sydney, we service homes, offices and large developmental complexes.

Professionalism and courtesy  is maintained  throughout all the proceedings, with a personalised service offered in a timely manner. All parts and materials are backed by manufacturer warranties and are Australian made where possible. This ensures a high quality guarantee, in a risk free environment.

Mobile Phone Repeaters are designed to cure your poor mobile phone reception in your home, office or warehouse; amplifying your phone coverage in areas of your home or business with low reception. 

Authorisation for a Mobile Phone repeater is essential under Australian law, with EMG Antennas offering exclusive rights with Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks. Our Cel-Fi Smart technology allows your home or business to receive the luxuries that are primarily reserved for corporate entities and commercial grade equipment.

Our exclusive Cel-fi product is the only legal avenue for a Mobile Phone Repeater, as strict guidelines are in place, along with a transparent database to record the sale of all smart repeaters sold in Australia.

Increase the voice quality of your phone  calls and have more consistent data performances through our extensive range of signal boosting devices. The cutting edge technology available at EMG Antennas ensures a smooth, clear and uninterrupted coverage in areas which have previously struggled to connect – like

hilly or dense terrains and some indoor settings, we use external antennas to receive your signal which works in tandem with an internal antenna that distributes the newly promoted signal 

We use your home address to compile a Path Profile Assessment, enabling our technical team to provide an efficient signal path profile to the best tower location, height and angle. This information is crucial for identifying issues in your signal and guides our expert opinion on the effectiveness of the Cel FI Booster. 

Why Choose Emg Antennas For Mobile Reception

Our Onsite Assessment is paramount to the installation process, as we identify and select the best antenna for your premises. Our site inspection allows our team to design a solution which we customise to your needs. Identifying the most efficient signal path provides us with accuracy in our craft and is the basis of our reputation. A formal quote is written and provided before work commences,  with installation commissioned and completed within 1 week upon your approval. 

Mobile Boosters are strategically installed  in homes, buildings, outdoor areas and vehicles and are designed to combat weak Wifi Connections or black spots. The technology will ensure your internet connection will remain active and your router signal reaches spots like upstairs bedrooms, attics and back gardens – which are notorious spots for interruptions.

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