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Tv Antenna Service & Repair Sydney

Sadly, like all the other gadgets we have, a TV antenna can go bad at times and will need a service to resume functioning.

Let us find the solution to the problem. Our experience technicians will thoroughly inspect

the signal from the TV point all the way to the antenna connection until they find where the faulty part is. Once the issue is found they will discuss the recommendation and will explain it all to you. Once we all agree, they will go ahead with completing the job.

Although there could be multiple reasons for poor connection, the solution is not always an installation of a new antenna. Faulty connector, faulty cable, faulty splitter or faulty amplifier could also be factors to consider before changing an antenna is required.

If it is an antenna issue then There are several signs of a poor antenna that needs immediate service, including:

  • Reposition of TV
  • New TV connection
  • Poor reception at existing point
  • Limited channels
  • Pixelation
  • Freezing picture
  • No signal sign

Are experiencing any of these signs – NO WORRIES!!

Call EMG Antenna repair specialists and get the antenna fixed.

Professional Tv antenna service

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing poor reception. The outdoor location of the antenna, climatic conditions, elements, and physical damage. Our team of expert will explore each issue until a solution is found.  

We are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment in addition to the years of experience we have behind us. The tradesmen in our team are passionate to offer the best customer service and ensure your antenna is good to offer the best reception in no time.

Why choose EMG Antennas for Tv Antenna repair & service?

With a highly experienced team, with over 15 years’ experience we are equipped to do the right job, at the first time. We are fully insured, licensed, and an authorised team of technicians to install antennas and Foxtel satellite dishes. We have great attention to details and like ALL our jobs to have a nice finish aesthetic touch. The products we supply are Australian made and  come with a 3-10 years warranty. Our customers can relax and enjoy the benefits of good quality network transmission at their homes or businesses.

You can trust us to provide you with same day or next day service.

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