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Time to enhance your sound and video quality. Hire us to install or improve your home theatre system.

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Home theatre installation Sydney

Why spend all this money on a theatre system and compromise on installation. Get you system installed by a professional.

You Wont Regret It

Why do I need a professional installer for my home theatre system?

Home theatres are complicated to install and require expertise and skills for the job. There are big risks in doing the job yourself, including compromising the sound and audio quality, and possibly damaging your own equipment. 

What we offer:

  • Projector and projector screen installation services.
  • High quality home theatre systems. 
  • Concealed cable for surround sound system.
  • Wall and ceiling mounted speaker installations.
  • Flat screen TV installations and set up.
  • Installing and set up of universal remote controls for home theatre system.
  • Expertise to maximise sound quality in the room.
Aussies with a home theatre at home

Our mission is to help Australian make the most out of their home theatre system

Forget about going to the cinemas, get the best experience in your own house.

ask us which home Theatre Systems we recommend?

Luxury home installation
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Whether you want a home theatre system installed in the living room or a dedicated custom theatre room, we can cater for your requirements.

The first step is talking with us so we can understand more about your project and based on that information we can give you a quote.

EMG Antenna, is top-rated and highly qualified technicians, with several years of experience behind us.

The best home theatre system is the one that articulate your requirements at home with the tecnology available at the present moment. We work with different brands that can be used depending on your budget and the limitations that you might have at home.


Also known as home cinema, this is an entertainment audio-visual system that seek to reproduce a movie experience and mood. Typically these systems use premium consumer electronics-grade video and audio equipment and are set up in a private house or backyard.

There is no perfect size for a home theatre room and most of them vary significantly. The rule of thumb is the larger the space you can allocate for your theatre room, the better. For the best viewing experience, a room should ideally be rectangle similar to a cinema, and approximately 6.0m long by 4.5m wide with the ceilings being around 2.7m.

The Australian household average cost for installing a home theatre setup is between $8,000 and $14,000. Most customers spend around $10,000 on a mid-grade projector, high-quality screen, speaker system, and professional installation and wiring.

We recommend several projector brands that include Epson, Sony, Optoma and LG. The price range usually impacts video quality and features.

We recommend you engage our services first so we can assist in this process. But essentially you will need to consider the space that you would like to install the theatre system in, and the budget you have to work with. With this information you can decide what type of equipment would be suitable for your needs. 

One of the biggest mistake we see is customers buying a sound system that is too big for what they actually need. 

Yes, this is not a problem, but there are some factors to consider. such as light sources (windows) and sound proofing the room, especially if you have neighbours.

Basements are a great option as they are often rooms that are used for storage and won’t have any windows, creating an ideal environment for a home cinema. Basements are also typically less of a problem regarding sound pollution. 

However, converting your spare bedroom is still an option. You can install and integrate automated black out blinds to automatically close once the cinema is turned on. You can also add smart lighting to the room that will dim the lights to the perfect viewing environment.

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