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CCTV Installation Sydney

EMG ANTENNAS are committed to supplying customers across Sydney with a range of CCTV camera surveillance options serviced with an efficient CCTV installation.

We offer a range of video surveillance options that cater for every budget, residence, property, small business and commercial building. Our business model focuses on protecting your premises with the latest technology and high resolution cameras which can be
controlled by your smartphone or tablet. We offer a hassle free solution to fit your premises with high quality security devices and solutions.

Our experienced technicians guarantee a neat, clean and tidy installation with the utmost respect for your property shown at all times. We are dedicated to providing a high quality after-sale-service to ensure any questions regarding your installed system are met. We take pride in our immaculate customer service which is a renowned feature of the security solutions provided by us and our home security experts. Our team is always professional, prompt and easy to deal with.

Upon arrival, the fully licensed, qualified and insured technicians will survey the premises and provide a customised assessment of security camera and CCTV options that are most suitable to the property type, structure, and safety concerns of your respective premises.

The installation of your CCTV cameras are strategically planted in pockets that efficiently cover the most area possible. This ensures
that we keep your costs as low as possible whilst still maintaining an elite standard. Cables are routed to your video recorder as we install all of the CCTV components for you, and our technicians will set up your NVR system on your phone and tablet and demonstrate
the basic functions so you know how to use the system on your own.

An advanced range of security cameras are available to offer cutting edge video products featuring digital IP to enable the clear identification of people and articles across a range of situations. Higher pixel resolutions facilitate a viewing experience filled
with immaculate detail and clarity when zooming in on scenes that are recorded from the IP cameras. Our certified ISO 9001 products are backed with a 1-3 year manufacturer warranty.

We have built our reputation on providing home and business owners with a continuous eye on their property and surveillance of suspicious and general activities. Our products are affordable and reliable and guaranteed to achieve security assistance to your premises.

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