Antenna Installation

There are plenty of reasons why you have bad TV Antenna reception. Your have bad TV Antenna reception. Your Antenna may be old or broken, not installed properly or have wiring issues.

Whatever the problem is, we guarantee to fix it or we don’t get paid.

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Antenna Installation TV Antenna and nothing changed

Did you have a number of “Specialists” attempt to fix your TV Antenna and nothing changed?

We go above and beyond to make sure everything is working Correctly!

These are the problems we commonly come across concerning TV antenna installations in Sydney. If your TV reception is bad, this might be the problem.

* Poor availability of tv reception around your house

* Damaged antenna elements from weather conditions/ birds

* Old antenna equipment (Analog tv antennas)

* Other tradies tell you “ Is not possible”

* Faulty antenna input in the tv

* Antenna obstruction

* Wrong antenna location on the roof

* Loose/rust wiring connections

We are known for being a problem solver

We are known for
being a problem solver

We do not rush our work To ensure we do a great job

EMG Antennas does not rush our work; our goal is to do a great job.

We get the job done without costing a bomb

We get the job done without costing a bomb.

All You Need to Know About Digital Antenna Installion

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“We had Rudi attend our strata apartment. On time, explained what he would do.

He managed to do what the previous antenna guy (3yrs ago) couldn’t do. That being having all digital channels working when he left. Haven’t seen ABC for years but is fine now. He got into the roof to solve and fix the problem(previous guy didn’t). Well done Rudi, would recommend your company to my family and friends. PS. Not as funny as Rudi Vanderstone the TV critic on 2MMM but just as friendly!”

“A friend recommended Rudi and I’m very glad I followed
their advice. Rudi was punctual, diligent and obliging. He did a great antenna job on a high roof and connected me up with more television channels than I’ve ever seen.

His work was quality and his fee was fair. And he was quick. Based on my experience I’m happy to recommend Rudi to anybody. Thanks Rudi.”

“Had Rudi come out 21/1/22 to see why we had completely no TV reception. Had him come out about 16 months prior when he repositioned the antenna and installed a receiver signal booster. This time He discovered that water had got into the signal booster (with all the recent & frequent heavy rains we have been having) and shorted it out.

He Replaced the signal booster free of charge, as he said it seemed unsatisfactory that water ingression caused the failure, as this part is designed to be outside, and he would seek a warranty replacement on it as it should have had better water resistance. That really impressed me, so I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone else.”

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