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My TV Says no Signal but Everything is Plugged in (The Guide) | Emgantennas



Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have the question “my tv says no signal but everything is plugged in “at least once before. Just as they were settling into their sits to watch their favourite show. They then begin to wonder impatiently. What could have happened? Is the TV finally broken? Is something wrong with the connections? Commonly, stress goes from zero to a hundred. Do not beat yourself up when you experience this. No signal problems are more common than you think, and are typically easy to solve. 

There are simple and easy steps to follow to troubleshoot the ‘no signal’ error. Before you can solve it without seeking the help of a professional, you will need to understand the word “no signal,” what can cause it, and finally how to solve it. 


What does No TV Signal from aerial mean


Generally, a no signal message signifies an issue with reception; the TV is not receiving anything from the cables or the antenna. In a nutshell, this simply means that your service (satellite or cable) is not able to display movies and shows. Your TV can either display a “no signal” message or display a blank blue or black screen.



When you see this, it could have many reasons, but do not overthink it. You could’ve checked whether the cables are well connected and also double-checked the power source, but no changes. Then, what exactly would be the source of this problem or the cause of the issue? 



Potential Causes of theNo Signal’ Issue


Why is your TV still blank when everything is well connected? When this occurs, many people immediately think the problem is with their televisions. Here are the many other possible scenarios that could be playing out.


  • Incorrect input port —This is very common. You may not be displaying the right channel to which your cable is connected to, simply remove the cable and try another HDMI/TV port. 


  • Old Ports/ Cables/ Antenna – we often forget that everything has a lifespan and can wear out or break over time. Always check your cords and connections quality every once in a while. Replace faulty ones if visual damage is apparent. 


  • Bad weather is one of the culprits causing ‘no signal’ errors. Antennas generally are fragile and sensitive and bad weather could affect their reception ability.  


  • Loose cables may not connect the TV and the digital box properly which causes a ‘no signal’ message. 


  • A frozen digital box can also lead to signal problems even if the TV input is well connected. You will need to reset it by turning it off for a few seconds before restarting. 


  • Interrupted service from the service provider can limit your access to their services. To fix the issue you may need to contact them because you cannot fix it yourself. 


  • Wrong positioning of your antenna may result in bad signal and sometimes ‘no signal’ error message.   


Once you’ve figured out what the potential problem is, the next step is to find solutions. 


Solutions to Resolve the NO SIGNAL Problem


Now that you know what might be the reason for a ‘no signal’ error, troubleshooting/Fixing the problem gets easier.  

  • Check your input. Make sure your television cable is plugged into the right input. 


  • Always double-check the state of your ports, cables, and plugs. Replace those that appear to be damaged, corroded, or worn out.  


  • Reset the TV and the cable box by switching it off for about 60 seconds before turning it on again. Unplug all external devices. 


  • Ensure that all your cables are fitted firmly to the ports. 


  • Always check that your antenna is positioned properly, in good condition and that the cable is well connected to the TV set. 


  • Ensure the power source of the digital box is well-connected. 


  • Check for service outages by calling your service providers during or after bad weather. This gives you a heads-up if your reception is interrupted, how long it would take to resolve the problem, and if others are experiencing the same issue. 


  • Replace your cable box. If you have tried all the other tips above and nothing seems to work, maybe it is time to change your cable box. The entire box could be faulty and needs to be replaced.





When a TV displays a no-signal message, you can get frustrated. However, you don’t need a professional to run basic troubleshooting procedures, which could cost you dearly. Taking the steps in this article has a good chance of solving your problem. But of course, if you find it overwhelming, and stuck, you can always call for help 

Regardless, I hope the troubleshooting steps we covered will resolve the ‘no signal’ error you are experiencing. Resolving no signal issues doesn’t have to be difficult, following the steps in this article will usually resolve your problem or get you closer to figuring out the issue.

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