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The Best 24/7 Monitoring Security for your Home


A home security system comprises various electronic devices that communicate with a central control panel. They are designed to work together to alert you in an emergency or protect your home against potential intruders and threats. Security systems are increasing in popularity since the start of the century. Especially if you are planning to build a smart home from the ground up in Australia. 

The type of smart security system you plan to install will depend on your preference. The two main options consist of either self-monitoring and management or a professional 24/7 monitoring security service (which comes in handy when you are away on vacation). The benefit of hiring 24/7 services is that they can raise the alarm and contact the nearest Australian police department in case of an emergency. 


The newest home security devices allow you to monitor your home remotely via your smartphone or tablet. Home security devices can include motion sensors, smoke and CO detectors, peephole cameras, indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras, glass-break sensors, fire alarm/siren, and panic button. As you can see, there are numerous home security options on the Australian market, but choosing the best fit can be difficult without prior knowledge. In this article, we have put together helpful information to guide you in your choice. 


Important Home Security Features to consider.  

Below are important features to look for when considering choosing the best home security system: 

  • Easy Setup and use 
  • Security cameras with night vision 
  • Warranty of at least 3-5 years  
  • Easy integration with other devices 
  • 24/7 monitoring security capabilities  
  • A backup power system (for power outage situations) 
  • Weather-resistant casing 


Best  24/7 Monitoring Home Security System

Home security companies manufacture devices with varying features, which can make deciding making overwhelming. To help you pick which system best integrates with your home, we have compiled a list of the top ten (10) 24/7 monitoring security companies’ devices you can find in Australia based on several consumer reports and review platforms. 

1. Vivint is a great security system, with an average rating of 4.6 stars. It is a good option if you desire to install the security system on your own as it has a manual that is easy to follow. In our list, Vivint is number one for wireless security systems. 


2. SimpliSafe offers customizable and budget-friendly security systems with easy DIY installation with a consistent rating of 4.5 stars. It gives you the liberty to control your security system via a mobile app with many features.


3. Ring offers outdoor camera options with a 4.4 stars rating. The ring security system comes with an in-built Wi-Fi 6 router and a 24/7 backup internet connection. 


4. ADT is the most experienced and trusted brand name and has a star rating of 4.5. ADT has more monitoring stations than any other home security company. Your home’s protection is transferred to another station if one monitoring station is down. 


5. Cove offers the best customer experience. Star rating of 4.7. Cove has a RapidSOS feature to get you to help sooner in case of an emergency. 


6. Brinks has the most safety sensor options with a star rating of 4.3. 


7. Abode has a star rating of 4.2 and is a great option for smart home integration. 


8. Blue by ADT has the best DIY security and a star rating of 4.0 


9. Wyze has the most affordable professional monitoring and a star rating of 4.0. it also has more gadgets than any other brand. 


10. Frontpoint with a star rating of 4.25 and the best environmental monitoring. It provides a full professional installation but puts all the control in your hands. 



What is the Highest Rated Home Security? 

After testing and research, we picked Vivint as the highest-rated home security system. Vivint has the best 24/7 monitoring security system because of its high-end equipment, easy installation guide, and advanced smart home features. Other features include the following: 

  • Smart security cameras 
  • Wireless security system 
  • Free in-home security consultations 
  • Smart Deter Luther detection 
  • A separate financing model for monitoring and equipment payment 
  • Remote control of your door locks and cameras 
  • Supports Google voice, Z-wave, and Alexa commands 


Is it Better to Have a Wired or Wireless Home Security System? 

When it comes to a 24/7 monitoring security system, there is no one-size-fits-all. Your home will be more secure whether you use a wired or wireless security system. It’s all about finding a system that best suits you and your home. A wireless system uses a cellular connection such as Wi-Fi, while a wired system uses your home telephone line/Ethernet cable. 


A wired system may be the best if you own the home or expect to reside in it for a long time or if you don’t mind the work that comes with its installation. A wired system usually comes at a higher cost and labor work. If you want flexibility and a system set up quickly or aren’t ready for much work, the wireless 24/7 monitoring security is your best fit. 


What is the Easiest Security System to Install? 

It is possible to install a complete security system in your home in less than 30 minutes. The do-it-yourself (DIY) home security devices have increased over the past few years. The best option available in the Australian market is SimpliSafe. It offers the most comprehensive security system in a box. It is not the most expensive, is easy to install, and integrates with other smartphone gadgets like thermostats and virtual assistants like Alexa. Other features of SimpliSafe include: 

  • A 24-hour backup battery 
  • Built-in cellular connection 
  • A base station with a 95db alarm that screams at an ear-piercing 105db 
  • Freeze, smoke, water leak detectors, and panic button 
  • Cameras and more sensors can be added to the system as needed 
  • RapidSOS. It skips sending information to a monitoring center and sends it directly to 000 dispatchers. 
  • Mobile app control 
  • No contract monitoring is required 

Home security systems help keep your home, properties, and family safe when you are away at work, on vacation, or just out with friends. The cost of your home security system will mostly depend on whether you need a wireless or wired installation, the size of your home, and the system features you require. While there are many security systems available, don’t be overwhelmed by all these options. choose something that fits your needs and budget. Finally, we always recommend never forgetting to check the product reviews before purchasing.  

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