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Best Caravan Antenna in Australia – The Complete Guide

what is the best caravan antenna in australia

What is the best caravan TV antenna in Australia? and how to get good signals in your caravan. This article will help you with all you need to know!

After a fun and busy day exploring Australia, you sit back in your caravan and watch your favorite reality TV show. However, the channel refused to show up, leaving you confused, sad, and frustrated. The good news is there are easy ways you can improve your TV reception in your caravan.

In no time you will watch your favorite sports or shows while touring in your caravan. As you keep reading this article, we will talk about the best caravan TV antenna in Australia and how to get good signals in your caravan. We are here to help you have a hitch-free TV experience even while traveling.


Caravan Aerials Explained

The caravan antenna has three main parts. It’s not just what you can see sticking out on the rooftop. The three parts are:

  • The aerial
  • The coaxial cable
  • The amplifier (not all caravan aerials have this)

Caravan TV aerials come in many shapes, types, and sizes, like many other devices. Each aerial type has its benefits and downsides. The two most common types typically found these days are omnidirectional or directional antennas.

best caravan antenna in australia

An omnidirectional aerial can receive signals from every direction at the same time, which is the most ideal during traveling. Unfortunately, in a weak reception area, it may be challenging to receive a signal (that’s where an amplifier is required for the aerial to work well).

On the other hand, a directional aerial means directing it towards the nearest transmission tower around you. It works the same way as the antennas you see on a house roof. It targets signals in one direction, which makes reception more reliable even if there is a weak signal. To get the best signal, you may need to adjust your antenna to point in the right direction.


Top 5 Best Caravan TV Antennas in Australia

Many brands and models of Caravan TV antenna are on the Australian market, but choosing the best fit for your caravan is vital. With the best caravan TV antenna in Australia, you can be sure your TV has a strong reception when you need it. We have put together five top brands of caravan antennae in Australia. These brands include:

  1. Winegard Antenna

The Winegard antenna is one of the most common with a unique design. It has a bi-directional antenna that can receive vertical and horizontal digital signals over a wider range of TV channels on the road. Another benefit of this antenna is that you can lie it flat on the caravan roof inside the van. You don’t need to climb the top to set up or remove the antenna. It only comes in white (which may be a downside if you prefer other colors) and is durable.

Winegard caravan antenna

However, it is an expensive antenna system. Ensure it is what you need before you purchase it, but in the long run, it provides excellent value for your money. You get what you pay for.


  1. Milenco Power 900L Antenna

The Milenco Power 900L antenna is omnidirectional, which means it offers a 360-degree reception. You don’t need to lower, raise, or rotate the antenna for the best reception. All you need to do is re-tune your TV to catch all the stations nearby. Unlike some antennas, the Milenco model is compatible with 4G networks, so your TV signal will not be affected when a 4G telephone is used nearby. It is durable and can withstand harsh weather in Australia.

Milenco Power 900L Antenna

  1. King Jack Digital HDTV Outdoor Antenna

King Jack has a range of quality and affordable antennas for your caravan TV. It has a simple, portable, durable design and an in-built amplifier for easy connection to TV transmitters, no matter your location in Australia. The King Jack antenna rotates 360 degrees to get the best signal. King Jack is a suitable replacement if you want something as good as the Winegard antenna. It is expensive but less expensive than the Winegard antenna.

what is the best caravan antenna in australia_4 (2)

  1. Foldaway Standard Caravan Antenna with 4m Cable

The Foldaway antenna is easy to use with four meters cable designed to pick up vertical and horizontal transmissions. It is also easy to install and maneuver; you may not need the help of a professional installer. After installation, you get instant results. Its only downside is that it can easily break if you don’t take good care of it.

Foldaway Standard Caravan Antenna with 4m Cable

  1. Happy Digital-8 Mark 3 Antenna

A happy digital antenna is designed to receive high VHF and UHF signals, both vertically and horizontally, and it works perfectly with all HD TV tuners. One of its significant benefits is that it is a perfect outdoor antenna. It comes with UPVC plastic bags and helpful accessories like an installation kit. The only con of this antenna is that it’s a little heavy.

 Caravan Antenna Digital-8 Mark 3

How Do You Set Up A TV Aerial for a Caravan?

Finding a TV signal on your first trip or tour may be tricky and overwhelming, but it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Follow the guides listed below to install a TV aerial on a caravan, and you will be ready to enjoy your favorite shows.

  • Choose a suitable mount or edge of the caravan for your antenna installation
  • Look out for other caravan aerials and point your antenna in that direction.
  • Connect your TV signal finder to the aerial socket located at its base.
  • Ensure the amplifier is plugged in and turned on if your aerial has one.
  • When you are satisfied with the antenna position, plug in your TV and search for channels.
  • Return the aerial to travel mode before heading home.


How Can I Get Better TV Reception in my Caravan?

Choosing and setting up the best caravan TV antenna in Australia is vital, but more work is needed to get great reception. Let’s look at some additional steps you need to take to get a good TV signal.

  • Re-tune your TV reception
  • Select a better position for your antenna or try pointing it in a different direction.
  • Get an amplifier if your antenna doesn’t have an in-built amplifier
  • Upgrade your aerials and cables
  • And lastly move your caravan closer to the TV signal location. You can use a signal finder app that works like a charm.


In What Direction Do I Point My Caravan Antenna?

Making sure your antenna is positioned in the right direction can significantly affect the number of channels you pick up. It would be best to locate the nearest TV transmitter around you to achieve a strong network and point your antenna in that direction. Always use the TV transmitter mast closest to your location first, for the best result.

caravan antenna in sydney

No TV Signal in Caravan

Moving from one place to another in a caravan can lead to fluctuations in TV signals. The following are some other reasons why you may experience no signal in your caravan:

  • Poor TV and antenna connections.
  • Old cables, amplifiers, or antenna.
  • Interference from other devices like laptops or radios
  • Blockage of signal path by other caravans, trees, or buildings.



Switching on your TV and getting bad reception while on a road trip in Australia may be quite annoying. That is why we recommend choosing high-quality antennas so you can optimize the signals you pick up from various TV transmitters around Australia. With a good caravan TV antenna, you don’t need to compromise your favorite TV shows while traveling in Australia.

Although disruption may occur on your tour, we have devised several ways to troubleshoot poor TV signals in your caravan. You will find that the steps we provided are most likely to solve your problem. It is advisable to test this before you hit the road. If you do not know how to do it yourself, you can seek professional help.

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