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What is the best outdoor digital tv antenna in Australia? (The Complete Buyer Guide)


If you are considering the best outdoor digital tv antenna in Australia to boost your lifestyle, first you have to think about cost-benefit. Whether you buy a subscription service or a satellite dish, television services can be expensive and if saving a few extra dollars is within your monthly goals, it is time to cut the cable and opt for an external TV antenna. 

In today’s article, we want to explain why air antennas are one of the best options in this tired of paying for expensive television services, of which you end up using the same channels all the time, or worse still, watching Netflix. 

Digital Television 

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We believe that it is vitally important that you understand how digital television works so that you can make the best choice when choosing the correct antenna. 

Digital television is a set of audio-visual transmission technologies that uses digital signals instead of traditional analog television, that are transmitted directly to the television. 

The large antennas that transmit the analog signal have a range of 50 kilometers, so the further away the user is from the signal source, the weaker the signal. 

That is why the transition to digital television has been a great revolution in terms of communication and entertainment, since the digital signal, unlike the analog one, uses binary signals that allow the return between consumers and producers, giving rise to a whole new range of interactive television experiences and allowing the transmission of several options on the same channel. 

Types of digital TV


Open (broadcast or free) 

This type of signal could be accessed by all televisions since it is broadcast through 700 Hz frequencies of the radio spectrum, it is compatible with digital TV or ones equipped with a specialized decoder. 

By cable 

This type of signal is transmitted by a coaxial cable connected directly to the television. 


The Television Protocol allows the transmission of digital television over the copper twisted pair used in the telephone line, just like ADSL. 


This kind of digital television is sent via satellite to one of the antennas located in buildings and homes, just like ordinary satellite television. 

How does digital television work? 

Digital Television in its numerous presentations, operates based on the use of the radioelectric spectrum or the physical means of connection to transmit much more information than was done analogically, through image and sound coding mechanisms that maximize quality and the receiving speed. 

Thus, the available bandwidth was used to transmit numerous packets of compressed information, instead of one uncompressed signal.


Digital television antennas


A flow of up to 20 Mb can contain 4 or 5 different programs, in a single transmission channel, without counting on the retransmission of information, which would go from the device to the operator. 

For this, the only necessary addition to ordinary televisions is a decoder, which interprets and decompresses the data packets and recovers the signal directly to the television. 


Digital TV antenna Australia 

As we explained earlier, digital television is a frequency transmitted through waves that are received by antennas, which are responsible for encoding the information, the antennas play a fundamental role when having or not having a good digital television signal. 

Digital television antennas pros are –  

  • They are cheap and can be installed on walls as they come with a screw kit and other accessories. 
  • Compact and come in large varieties 
  • Its base is adjustable and flexible to ensure better signal reception 
  • They are weather resistant and have a long lifespan 
  • Contains amplifier to improve signal 

Now that we understand the mechanics of digital television and the role of antennas, we will help you choose the best Digital Television Antenna for Australia. 

What is the best outdoor digital tv antenna in Australia? 


1. Outdoor tv antenna Televes Boss 790 HD 


This new Televes HD BOSS 790 antenna instantly dominates the received signal level (either very high or low). 

To always give the optimal output level.  

Its new design with Force technology turns this device into a satisfying experience designed to perfect the rejection of the LTE band and maintain UHF reception, thanks to an evolution of the original and patented DAT HD BOSS triple angular array antenna by TV antennas. 

  1. The antenna brings with it the BOSS-Tech technology, with unbeatable electrical characteristics. 
  2. The new DAT has folding mechanisms for the structure and a cam mechanism on the reflector support. 
  3. The new director folding system helps to facilitate the assembly of the antenna and also improves its transport and storage. 

Technical Characteristics of the Boss 790 Antenna: 

    • Working band: 470-490 (C.21 – C.60) 
    • BOSS mode: OFF (passive) ON (active) 
    • Gain: 17-45dBi 
    • Output level: Auto depending on the output level 
    • Signal level of use (recommended): >75 <75 dBµV 
    • Supply voltage: 12-24V 
    • Consumption: 40mA 
    • Beamwidth: 30º 
    • Wind load 130-150 Km/h: 120-165 N 


2. Tecatel LTE antenna: Outdoor antenna for TV 


  • This terrestrial antenna with a gain of 15dB BKM 15, is an antenna that is made for the digital dividend due to its built-in LTE filter. 
  • The BKM 15 antenna is made of aluminum, has three quick-opening element arms, and is easy to install. 
  • With a design where the dipole incorporates the F-type connector and this antenna comes in black. 
  • The Tecatel LTE antenna is designed to receive the signal in our receiver in almost all areas, a medium gain and low-cost antenna. 

Technical Characteristics of the Tecatel LTE Antenna: 

    • UHF triple antenna, G= 15 dB 
    • Ideal for receiving Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) 
    • 16.5 mm section aluminum main shaft 
    • F-connector 
    • Reflectors and folding structure 
    • Installation 
    • quick and easy installation, without the need for tools 
    • Full HD antenna 
    • Reinforced clamp 
    • ABS plastic with UV protection 
    • LTE technology 

3. TV antenna for outdoor use Maclean MCTV-855: outdoor tv antenna 

Maclean MCTV-855

A high-quality outdoor TV antenna for UHF/VHF reception, without the need for an amplifier, specially designed for outdoor use and perfectly ideal for HDTV reception, its installation is quite simple and without tools. 

It has a reception range of VHF 170 – 230 MHz and UHF 470 – 790 MHz. It has an integrated LTE filter that helps with good reception and without interference.  

The ideal antenna is resistant to wind, rain, snow, and temperatures, among others. 

Technical Characteristics of the Maclean MCTV Antenna – 855: 

    • Gain: VHF 5-6 dB / UHF 10-12 dB- Max. 
    • Output level: 100 dBμV. 
    • Beamwidth H/V: H 40 degrees/V 55 degrees. 
    • Channels: VHF 6-12/UHF 21-69. 
    • Frequency range (MHz): VHF 170 – 230/UHF 470 – 790 
    • Impedance: 75 ohms. 
    • Recoil Ratio: 28dB 
    • Number of elements: 21. 
    • Connection: F Connector 
    • Antenna Type: Passive 

4. 1byone outdoor antennas


An antenna for both indoors and outdoors, it has a 4G LTE filter, blocking all 3G signals from mobile phones, tablets, and wireless networks, among others, to ensure digital TV reception without noise. 

It is easy to install without any tools, and you will forget about the idea of ​​installing a large, heavy, and uncomfortable antenna on your roof, the 1byone antenna is attractive and compact. Its design allows it to withstand adverse weather conditions outdoors, its anti-UV coverage is waterproof and the support that this antenna brings allows this antenna to be used outdoors horizontally or vertically. 

It is ideal for analog television signals and DTT, you just have to connect it to an HDTV with a synchronizer using a coaxial cable and, if you use an old TV, connect the antenna to your DVB – T receiver/synchronizer to receive the signal. 

It has a guarantee that it is backed 100% with a 12-month warranty. 

Tips when using a 1byone antenna: 

If you use a flat-screen HD TV, look in its manual if it has a built-in DTT synchronizer, also try to make sure that the tuner is compatible with HD, otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy HD channels. If your television does not have a synchronizer, you can then connect your 1byone antenna to your DVB – T tuner/receiver. 

It is advisable to scan the channels again every month so that they are always up to date. 

Do not place the antenna inside or behind any metallic object, if possible, try to keep your antenna away from devices with high energy consumption and thus avoid possible interference, such as air conditioners, and elevators, among others. 

How to correctly choose an outdoor antenna for digital tv? 

We recommend you choose any of our recommendations based on the specifications you desire. These products are great and have been chosen according to the number of sales, reviews, and product recommendations. 

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