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Digital TV Antenna Installation Sydney


 Why do you need professional antenna installation services?
Sydney is networked with a number of towers which transmit at different frequencies and we know which tower gives the best FREE TO AIR signal at your area whether it’s VHF frequencies or UHF frequencies.

At EMG Antennas, we are a team of professional TV Antenna Installation services providers ensuring efficacy in all TV Antenna installation projects we undertake.

We will choose the right type of antenna and tune it to the right tower which will allow you to get access to all available TV channels. We will test all the signal required parameters on the roof of your house or business and you will enjoy the best digital HD quality.

If you need to give your TV’s a new life, Whether you want a TV antenna upgrade or resolve your signal issues, EMG Antennas are the best choice.

We can supply and install your new Digital HD antenna system Sydney wide.

TV Antenna Installation Services:

We offer you the most extensive range of TV antenna and related services:

  • TV Aerial Installation
  • Aerial Repairs
  • Home antenna Installation
  • Commercial antenna Installation
  • Same day installation services
  • Antenna cabling
  • Digital TV Antenna with Set Top Box
  • HDTV Indoor/Outdoor Antenna Installation
  • Installation of Extra TV Points

We know and understand TV antenna installation and much more. We are a dedicated team of experts who will ensure your entertainment experience is always the best. The projects we have undertaken in the past and the results we have delivered prove our excellence in TV antenna installation and related services. If you want a credible, on-time, result-oriented and advanced antenna installation support, call us today.


Common Digital TV antenna reception issues

If you want to access free to air television channels, you will first need a digital TV antenna and this is where you can rely on the best TV antenna installers at EMG Antennas. We leave no stone unturned in making the antenna installation successful and beneficial for our clients. Sadly, even the highest quality and best-installed antenna can run into some problems occasionally. It is important to know the common digital TV antenna reception issues.

  • Hindrance to signal

If there is any type of hindrance to the signal, it can affect the quality of the transmission on the television set. Besides, it can cause major disturbance to digital TV services. One of the common obstructions to the signal include weather conditions like windy or stormy weather or maybe rain. Other common hindrances include tall trees, buildings, hills and more.


  • Damaged antenna

There could be various reasons as of why your TV antenna is damaged and as a result you will have a poor reception. If you are facing this situation, don’t hesitate and contact the EMG team to solve your issue.

Remember, you should never try to fix the antenna on your own as it can create more problems than there is already. Our expert TV antenna installers will be quick to report at the site and repair the damaged antenna.

  • Poor antenna installation

A poor antenna installation could result in bad reception. It is very important that you engage a professional TV antenna installation team and not any novice.

  • Old TV

It is very much possible that your conventional TV set might not be able to process high-quality reception. Replacing the TV is the ideal solution if this is the case.

Importance of hiring a professional TV antenna installers

As important as it is to pick the best TV antenna, it is equally important to employ the best TV antenna installers. Here is why engaging professionals is a must:

Reliable services:

When you choose a credible digital TV antenna installer, you get the guarantee of reliable services. Whatever issues you encounter, you can rely on the EMG TV antenna installers to offer you the best services , best products,  information and pricing so you can rest assured that you will get great advice and value for money.

Minimal interruptions:

The professional antenna installers know how to minimize the interruptions and hindrance to the TV reception. As soon as the TV antenna installation is complete, you can expect the best quality reception and even after that. If in future, you face any sort of TV reception or quality problems, you can count on our team at EMG Antennas to provide you with the best  service to sort it out.


You must have invested a great sum of money in your digital TV antenna purchase. Risking it with a novice digital installation service is not worth it. Besides, the professional antenna installers ensure that you get the best quality results in the minimal cost.

Qualified and guaranteed service:

When you engage a company like EMG Antennas, you can rest assured that only credible and qualified antenna installers will be assigned to your project. We are very specific about the manpower we hire.

Professional digital TV antenna installers services in Sydney

As a one-stop-shop, we are ready and available to handle ALL your TV antenna related jobs; from 

  • Installing a new antenna
  • Tuning or replacing a previously installed antenna
  • Resolving poor signal issues
  • Type and size of the antenna required.
  • The ideal position of the antenna.
  • Mount or mast required for the antenna.
  • Amplifier required to increase signal strength.
  • New TV antenna points
  • Cost – effectiveness
  • Qualified and guaranteed service
  • Reliable services
  • Minimal interruptions

We use professional signal meters to check the reception and ensure that you have a great entertainment experience.

 Whenever you need professional help, we are just a phone call away!  0450 243 094

Why choose EMG Antennas for Tv Antenna Installation?​

With a highly experienced team, with over 15 years experience we are equipped to do the right job, at the first time. We are fully insured, licensed, and an authorized team of technicians to install antennas and Foxtel satellite dishes. We have great attention to details and like ALL our jobs to have a nice finish aesthetic touch. The products we supply are Australian made and  come with a 3-10 years warranty. Our customers can relax and enjoy the benefits of good quality network transmission at their homes or businesses. 

You can trust us to provide you with same day or next day service.

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